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DigiTech is a manufacturer of guitar, bass guitar, and vocals electronics based in Sandy, Utah. [Source: Wikipedia]

Official URL: http://www.digitech.com

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11 manuals for 77 products from DigiTech are available:
2112 VGS 2120 VGS Bad Monkey Black 13 (Scott Ian signature) BP8
CF-7 Chorus Factory CM-2 Tube Overdrive Control Eight Control One Control Seven
CR-7 Stereo Chorus Crossroads (Eric Clapton signature) Death Metal DF-7 Distortion Factory DigiDelay
DigiVerb DL-8 Delay/Looper DSP128 DSP256XL DSP64
EX-7 Expression Factory GNX1 GNX2 GNX3 GNX3000
GNX4 Grunge GSP1101 GSP2101 GSP2112
Hot Head Hot Rod HT-2 Chromatic Tuner Hyper Phase JamMan
Main Squeeze Metal Master Multi Chorus PMC10 Red Special (Brian May signature)
RP10 RP1000 RP100A RP12 RP14D
RP150 RP155 RP20 RP2000 RP200A
RP21D RP250 RP255 RP3 RP300A
RP350 RP355 RP5 RP50 RP500
RP6 RP7 RP70 RP80 RP90
RPx400 RV-7 Stereo Reverb SC-2 Valve Distortion Screamin' Blues Synth Wah
The Experience (Jimi Hendrix signature) TL-2 Metal Distortion Tone Driver Turbo Flange Vocalist Workstation
Weapon (Dan Donegan signature) Whammy

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