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M-Audio (formerly Midiman), a business unit of Avid Technology, is a manufacturer of a variety of audio products, including digital audio workstation interfaces, keyboard MIDI controllers, condenser microphones, and studio monitors. The company now has independent offices in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Japan. [Source: Wikipedia]

Official URL: http://www.m-audio.com

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105 manuals for 52 products from M-Audio are available:
Axiom 25 Axiom 25 (2nd gen) Axiom 49 Axiom 49 (2nd gen) Axiom 61
Axiom 61 (2nd gen) Evolution MK-361C Evolution MK225C Evolution MK249 Evolution MK249C
Evolution MK361 Evolution MK425 Evolution MK449 Evolution MK461c KeyRig 25
KeyRig 49 KeyStudio KeyStudio 49i Keystation 49 Keystation 49e
Keystation 61es Keystation 88es Keystation Pro 88 MK-425C MK-449C
MK-461C MidAir MidAir 25 MidAir 37 O2
Oxygen 49 Oxygen 61 Oxygen 8 Oxygen 8 v2 Ozone
Ozonic ProKeys 88 ProKeys 88sx ProKeys Sono 61 ProKeys Sono 88
Radium 49 Radium 61 Session KeyStudio Thru 3x8 Trigger Finger
UC-16 UC-33 UC-33e Venom X-Session UC-17
eKeys eKeys 49

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