Manuals for Guitar Effects,
Synthesizers, and MIDI Devices




150 manuals for 110 products from Morley are available:
ABC Box ABC PRO Selector ABC Selector/Combiner ABY Mix ABY PRO Selector
ABY Selector/Combiner AC-1 Accu-Tuner AER Analog Echo Reverb BCV-ST Chorus Volume BFW Fuzz Wah
BSP Stereo Volume/Panner Catalogs CCB Compact Blender CCB Crystal Chorus CLW Classic Wah
D1B Distortion One DDB Deluxe Distortion DDB Diamond Distortion DFB Deluxe Phaser Dual Boost Distortion
ECV EEB Emerald Echo Effects Loop Corrector ELC Effects Loop Corrector EOV Optical Volume
EP-1 Midi Continous Controller FLB Deluxe Flanger FXB Fx Blender GDB Noise Gate/Line Driver George Lynch Tripler
GLW2 George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah JDB Just Distortion Box KIKO Loureiro Distortion Wah Volume M2CW Maverick M2 Contour Wah M2M2 Mark Tremonti M2 Power Wah
M2ME Mini Expression M2 Pedal M2MV Passive Volume M2 Mini M2SV Passive Stereo Volume M2 M2SW Maverick M2 Switchless Wah M2VC Passive Volumetage Control Expression Pedal
M2VO Passive Volume M2 M2WA Wah M2 M2WV Wah Volume M2 M2 PFW Cliff Burton M2 Power Fuzz Wah MARK 1 Mark Tremonti Power Wah
MCF Cliff Burton Fuzz Box MDBS Dual Boost Distortion MDB Distortion Boost MINI Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Wah MK-4 Multi Keyboard Switcher
MMV Mini Volume MMW Mini Wah MSW Maverick Mini Switchless Wah MTAW Mini Michael Amott Wah MTG2 Mini George LynChannel Dragon 2 Wah
MTKIKO Mini Kiko Loureiro Wah MTMARK1 Mini Mark Tremonti Power Wah MTM Timemaster MTSKW1 Mini DJ Ashba Skeleton Wah MWV Mini Wah Volume
NSW No Switch Wah PBA-2 Dual Bass Wah PBA Bass Wah PCB Pro Compressor PDW-II Pro Series II Distortion Wah Volume
PDW-NV Pro Series Distortion Wah No Volume PDW Pro Series Distortion Wah Volume PFW Cliff Burton Power Fuzz Wah PLA Steve Vai Little Alligator Volume POB Phaser One
PVO+ Pro Series II Volume Plus PVO Pro Series Volume PVO+ Volume Plus PWA-II Pro Series II Wah PWA-SS Pro Series Wah Silent Switching
PWA Pro Series Wah PWOV Power Wah/Volume PWO Power Wah PWV-II Pro Series II Wah Volume PWV-SS Pro Series Wah Volume Silent Switching
PWV Pro Series Wah Volume QUAD Selector/Combiner RNV Rock'N Verb SCV Stereo Chorus/Vibrato SCV Stereo Chorus Volume
SFB Sapphire Flanger SKW1 DJ Ashba Skeleton Wah SKW2 DJ Ashba Skeleton Wah SLDW Distortion Wah Volume SLEV-6 600Ms Echo Volume
SLEV 300Ms Echo Volume SLMC-4 4 Channel Volume SLMC-6 6 Channel Volume SLST Swiveltone Volume SLSV Stereo Volume
SLVO Volume SLWA Wah SLWV Wah Volume Spring Installation (Coiled Type) Spring Installation (Wound Type)
Swizz Army 6-in-1 Cable Tester TMS T.M. Stevens Fonk Wah Twin Mix USP Keyboard Sustain Footswitch VAI-1 Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah
VAI-2 Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah Volume Pedals WAH-SP Wah Springloaded Wah Pedals XVO-4 4 Channel Volume

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