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PAiA Electronics, Inc. is an American synthesizer kit company that was started by John Simonton in 1967. It sells various musical electronics kits including analog synthesizers, theremins, mixers and various music production units designed by founder John Simonton, Craig Anderton, Marvin Jones, Steve Wood and others. [Source: Wikipedia]

Official URL: http://www.paia.com

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102 manuals for 91 products from PAiA Electronics are available:
1230 Wah-wah 1600 PAiA / DeArmond Volume Pedal 1702 Synthespin MKII 1720 Preamp 2080 MS Decoder
2720-12 Inverter/Buffer 2720-5 Control Oscillator and Noise Source 2720-8 Keyboard/Case 2720 Series Modular 2720 Synthesizer
3730 The Wind 3750 Programmable Drum Set 3790 Chord EGG 4700-S Synthesizer System 4710 Balanced Modulator
4711 Mixer 4712 Reverb Module 4720A Voltage Controlled Oscillator 4730 Multi-Modal Filter 4740 Envelope Generator
4761 Road Case 4780 Sequencer 5702 Synthespin 5710 Hot Lyx Sustain 5720 Motion Filter
5730 Gator 5750 Axe Grinder 5760 Roctave Divider 6710 Steam Whistle 6710 Vocoder
6720 Quadrafuzz 6740 Hot Springs Reverb 6750 Hyperflange and Chorus 6760 Parametric Equalizer 6770 Master Synchronizer
7701 Drummer Boy 8750A Proteus Voice Card 8750 Proteus I 8780 QuASH 8781 QuASH
8785 Linear Digital to Analog Converter 9110 Direct Interface 9120 Submix Master 9150 FingerDrum 9201 MIDI Drum Computer
9208 Freeze Frame 9209 Ducker+ 9210 Stack-in-a-Box 9211 MIDI Studio Interface 9215 Dual PhantomPower PreAmp
9300A Audio ThumbDrum 9300M MIDI ThumbDrum 9301 ThumbDrum Sensor Board 9302 Drum Tone Board 9303 Four-Band EQ
9304 HissWhacker 9305 TubeHead 9308 FatMan Desk Top Enclosure 9308 FatMan MIDI Analog Synth 9402 SubMixer
9407 Tube MicPreAmp 9505 Theremax 9506 MS Stereo Microphone 9601 Compressor 9605 Headphone Buffer Amp
9700 MIDI2CV8 9710 Triple VCA with modulator 9711 Infinity+ 9720 Dual VCO with Modulator 9730 Dual VCF with Modulator
9752 Sample and Hold 9770 Power Supply 9801 Theremax CV booster 9802 RIAA PhonoPreAmp ADU Attack Delay Unit
Carpenter's Mate Chatter-Jammer EK-2 Computer Drums Experimenters Kit EK-9 Shepard Function Generator EKx-10 Voltage Controlled ADSR
EKx-20 Exponential Voltage Controlled Filter EKx-30 Dual Exponential or Linear Voltage Controlled Am EKx-40 Exponential Voltage Controlled Oscillator FM DXer [No Specific Product]
Omni-Alarm Op-Tach Oz Mini-Organ Stringz-n-Thingz The Solid-State Bird
The Thumpa-Thumpa Box

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