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Zoom is a Japanese audio company that is distributed in the U.S. under the Samson family of companies. Zoom produces effects pedals for guitars and basses, recording equipment, drum machines, among other products. [Source: Wikipedia]

Official URL: http://www.zoom.co.jp

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30 manuals for 30 products from Zoom Corporation are available:
1010 Guitar Effects Processor 1201 Studio Effects Processor 1202 Studio Effects Processor 1204 Studio Effects Processor 2100 Guitar Effects Processor
3000B Bass Effects Processor 3000 Guitar Effects Processor 4040 Guitar Effects Processor 503 Compact Amp Simulator 504 Compact Acoustic Effects
505II Compact Guitar Effects 505 Compact Guitar Effects 506II Compact Bass Effects 506 Compact Bass Effects 507 Compact Reverb
508 Compact Delay 509 Compact Modulator 510 Compact Driver 8080 Guitar Effects Processor BFX-708 Bass Effects Processor
GFX-4 Guitar Effects Processor GFX-707 Guitar Effects Processor GFX-8 Guitar Effects Processor GM-200 Guitar Amp Modeler RFX-1000 Digital Reverb & Multi Effects
RFX-2000 Digital Reverb & Multi Effects RFX-300 Digital Reverb & Multi Effects RT-123 RhythmTrak RT-234 RhythmTrak ST-224 SampleTrak

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